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Proceedings of the 23rd European Young Geotechnical Engineering Conference

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(Barcelona, 2-5 September 2014)

SESSION W1: Experimental studies and constitutive models
  • Experimental study of strain accumulation of silica sand in a cyclic triaxial test (Benoot et al.)
  • Long-term behavior of crushed concrete in road structure (Dettenborn et al.)
  • Effect of pre-loading on dynamic soil properties and deformation characteristics (Vámos & Szendefy)
  • Experimental and numerical (DEM and FEM) non-cohesive soil uniaxial compression (Skuodis & Norkus)
  • Effective stress model for soft Scandinavian clays (Rønningen et al.)
  • Shear modulus of selected cohesive soils in a wide range of strain (Gabryś)
SESSION W2: Dynamics problems
  • Characteristics of oscillatory drums in dynamic roller compaction (Pistrol)
  • Modelling the behaviour of a disk of clay during pile driving using hypoplasticity (de Chaunac & Holeyman)
  • Vibration isolation in soil by thin vertical foam barriers (Sprengel)
  • Advanced analyses of cone penetration tests in fine-grained soils (Uhlig)
  • Multichannel analysis of surface waves for estimation of soils stiffness profiles (Olafsdottir et al.)

SESSION W3: Pile foundations

  • Static load test analysis for 600 mm bored pile in stiff soil (Šiša)
  • Behaviour of single piles under axial loading (Ribeiro)
  • Field measurements investigating the stress strain behavior of driven pile foundations on hard soil (Sursanov & Ponomaryov
  • Piling phenomena in weak coral rock (Arda et al.)
  • Peculiarities of implementation of primary numerical modeling when determination of the forces of negative friction on pile side surface in condition of its test with static load (Karpenko)
  • Determination of the bearing capacity value of large diameter piles using the Osterberg test method and large scale tests (Zavarzina)
SESSION W4: Geo-environmental problems
  • Comparison of 2D and 3D FEM calculations, strengthening of the Little Belt Bridge of 1935 in Denmark (Knudsen)
  • Zero-valent iron/pumice granular mixtures used in permeable reactive barriers for the remediation of heavy metals contaminated groundwater (Bilardi)
  • Numerical analysis for improved design of piled and other ground heat exchanger applications (Cecinato)
  • The effect of freeze-thaw action on the mechanical properties of the active Bahlui clay stabilized with lime and/or cement (Hotineanu)
  • Heating and cooling an energy pile under working load in Valencia (De Groot et al.)
  • Pressuremeter tests on a rock glacier in the Swiss Alps (Buchli et al.)
SESSION T1: Marine geotechnics
  • Multi-disciplinary site investigations: integration of geology, geophysics and geotechnics in offshore wind projects (Funes)
  • On the multi-directional loading of a monopile foundation: finite element modeling (Sheil)
  • Feasibility of simulating pile set-up in centrifuge model tests (de Lange)
  • Assessment of mudmat foundation settlements in calcareous soils (Gloppestad et al.)
  • Numerical and laboratory analysis of anchors embedded in sandy seabed (Cañizal)
  • Pre-design of gravity-based sub-structures for offshore wind turbines (Abadías)
SESSION T2: Soil improvement
  • The design of soil reinforced structures with thin concrete facing panels under railways (Toth et al.)
  • Experimental and numerical approaches of the design of geosynthetic reinforcements overlying voids (Huckert et al. )
  • Strength verification of soil-cement columns; a scale laboratory investigation of the Push-In Resistance Test (Timoney)
  • Three dimensional numerical modelling of tunnels with jet grouting canopy (Ochmański)
  • Seminatural experimental studies of geotextile encased stone columns (Shenkman & Ponomaryov)
  • Feasibility study of random fibre reinforced railway ballast (Ajayi et al.)
SESSION T3: Geo-hazards
  • Geo-hazards and urban planning (Bozo)
  • Geotechnical supervision of a construction work of reservoirs in karst region (Šindler & Kaić)
  • Rockfall experimental investigation in 3D space (Asteriou)
  • Geotechnical Risk Management applied at reconstruction of underground parking in historical and vulnerable urban surrounding (Balder)
  • Informed decisions on safety assessments of historic structures (Wierenga & van der Meer)
  • Lindisfarne castle: a rock mass stability assessment (Jones)
SESSION T4: Soil-structure interaction
  • Earth pressure on retaining walls in slopes (Ausweger)
  • South Toulon tube: numerical back-analysis on a monitoring zone (Janin et al.)
  • Stability analysis of an underground structure cut into calcareous marl, Castle Hill, Budapest (Hungary) (Czinder et al.)
  • Comparative numerical modelling of granular soil embankment stability using LEM, FEM, FEM-SPH and DEM approaches (Bugea & Priceputu)
  • Safety factor against sliding of gravity dams founded on fractured rock masses considering an impersistent joint set (Cabrera & Senent)
  • Shear band localization behind retaining walls (Altunbas et al.)

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