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Diploma in Topography

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School of Building Construction of Barcelona

The Diploma in Topography is a 3 year degree taught at the School of Building Construction of Barcelona (EPSEB).

The aim of these studies consists in offering students a strong formation in the fields of topography, cartography, photogrammetry and geodesics. Mathematics and computer sciences are the basis of many subjects, such as numerical calculations and control of computer tools, which become essential professional competences.

Once students obtain their degree, they will be able to manage in such fields as management and execution of topographical surveys, management of different cartographic projects, acquisition of data, measurements and geometric readings, elaboration of maps and plans, creation and maintenance of geographic information systems, among others, in government agencies, cartographic institutes, construction and civil engineering companies, topographic studies, GIS development companies, etc.

Els docents del departament imparteixen les següents assignatures d'aquesta titulació:

Code Name Professor in charge
27103 Descriptive metric geometry Mª Soledad Esteve Ibars
27104 Topographic instruments I Javier Tre García
27105 Cartography I Rogelio López Bravo
27106 Geomorfology José Moya Sánchez
27110 Topographic instruments II Javier Tre García
27111 Cartography II Rogelio López Bravo
27115 Basic photogrammetry Felipe Buill Pozuelo
27116 Geodesic astronomy Albert Prades i Valls
27117 Topographic methods I Mª Amparo Rubio Cerdá
27118 Cartography III Mercedes Sanz Conde
2712 Geodesics Sergio González López
27122 Topographic methods II Mª Amparo Núñez Andrés
27123 Analytical photogrammetry Felipe Buill Pozuelo
27124 Teledetection Juan José Martínez Benjamín
27125 Basic geografic information systems Mercedes Sanz Conde
27127 Global positioning and navigation techniques Sergio González López
27128 Analytical and digital photogrammetry Albert Prades i Valls
27129 Topography applied to engineering I Ignacio de Corral. Manuel de Villena
27130 Cartographic projections Sergio González López
27131 Topography applied to engineering II Ignacio de Corral. Manuel de Villena
27132 Digital photogrammetry Albert Prades i Valls
27157 Final dissertation Mª Amparo Núñez Andrés
27137 Underground topography Ana Tapia Gómez
27138 Introduction to civil works Ana Tapia Gómez
27139 Special surveyying Ana Tapia Gómez
27141 Hydrographic topography Ana Tapia Gómez
27142 Geographic information systems Mª Amparo Núñez Andrés
27143 Cartographic projects Mª Amparo Núñez Andrés
27145 Teledetection project Juan José Martínez Benjamín
27146 Photogrammetry laboratory Felipe Buill Pozuelo
27148 Geodesic techniques Mª Amparo Núñez Andrés
27155 Terrestrial photogrammetry Felipe Buill Pozuelo
27156 Cartographic production Mª Amparo Núñez Andrés
27151 Navigation and information systems Mª Amparo Núñez Andrés
27159 GPS data treatment Sergio González López
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