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Degree in Civil Engineering

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School of Civil Engineering of Barcelona

The Degree in Civil Engineering is a 1st and 2nd cycle degree addressed to form generalist engineers with the ability to specialise rapidly. Throughout the studies the knowledge necessary to become great professionals and to adapt to new working environments, regarding both technical knowledge and problem solving abilities, will be acquired.

These studies define a teaching profile that balances "formation" and "information". Students will not only acquire knowledge on the field of civil engineering, but also on the habits and learning habilities that will allow them developing a versatile professional activity and updating rapidly and easily their knowledge while working.

Civil engineers can be frequently found throughout the professional world, from engineering companies, to Public Administrations or even holding management positions in the industry, banking or service field.

The teaching staff from the Department is responsible for the following subjects:


18008TopographyJose Antonio Gili Ripoll
18014GeologyJosé Moya Sánchez
18015Geological engineeringJordi Corominas Dulcet
18020Groundwater hydrologyJorge Molinero
18021Soil mechanicsPere Prat Catalan
18036FoundationsAntonio Gens Solé
18064Instrumentation techniquesJosep Suriol Castellví
18084Rock mechanicsIgnasi Carol Vilarasau
18085TunnelsEduardo Alonso Pérez de Ágreda
18086Groundwater hydrology IIEmilio Custodio Gimena
18087SeismologyLluis Pujades Beneit
18088Geotechnical engineeringAntonio Gens Solé
18089Geophysical prospectionJosep A. Canas Torres
18090Quaternary geology José Moya Sánchez
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